The best self-loading concrete mixer in Africa is a machine that can be used by small construction companies to transport and mix concrete.

What is self-loading concrete mixer?

Self-loading concrete mixer is a mobile concrete mixer. It is also called as mobile concrete mixer or portable concrete mixer. It can mix and load concrete with only a person. It has been designed to ensure durability and efficiency in the field of construction works.

Generally, the best self-loading concrete mixer is normally used in construction sites, where there are no workers available to do the mixing work manually. The machine can be pretty useful for people who want to save time and money on their projects by using it properly. A best self-loading concrete mixer truck is a machine that is basically used for mixing cement with other ingredients like water and aggregates (sand or gravel).

best self-loading concrete mixer

What are the types of self-loading concrete mixers?

According to the mixing system, self-loading concrete mixers are divided into two types: drum-type self-loading concrete mixer and flat self-loading concrete mixer.

Drum type self-loading concrete mixer truck

At present, the drum type self-loading concrete mixer is more common in the market, which can meet the construction characteristics of most projects, because most concrete designs are designed for large slump, high fluidity, and easy molding.

drum type selfp-loading concrete mixer

Flat self-loading concrete mixer truck

The flatbed self-loading concrete mixer can not only mix concrete, but also plastic, dry hard, fluid concrete, light aggregate and mortar. Usually less water is added and the slump is sometimes zero.

More information about the types of self-loading concrete mixers can refer to the article: Types of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer.


How much concrete can a self-loading concrete mixer hold?

The capacity of a self-loading concrete mixer depends on the type of mixer. The capacity of a self-loading concrete mixer is usually between 1.2m3 and 6.5m3.

Self-loading concrete mixers come in various sizes, but the average size is about 4 to 5 tons per hour (3.5 tonnes per hour).


Which type of self-loading concrete mixer is used mostly by small construction works?

To choose a best self-loading concrete mixer, you should first consider the following points:

The size of your construction works

Whether you will use it for small or large construction works

If you plan to conduct small-scale constructions, such as building houses and villas, then you should go for a smaller machine. For example, if your construction requires only 1 cubic meter of concrete at a time, then buy a machine that can make this quantity in one cycle. If it is more than 1 cubic meter per cycle then get one with higher capacity. Similarly, if the duration of your project is short (usually less than six months), then again buy a machine with smaller capacity so that it will be able to complete all the tasks within this period and save money on buying larger machines which are not required by such projects.

2.6m3 self-loading concrete mixer

Which is the best self-loading concrete mixer in Africa?

Africa is a continent that has many countries and cultures. The climate in Africa can be harsh and the terrain is rough. In such conditions, it’s important to have a reliable self-loading concrete mixer truck for your construction works.

The best self-loading concrete mixer trucks for Africa are capable of mixing water with cement powder to create a consistency suitable for use as mortar. They also have the ability to transport their cargo over long distances without spilling any of the contents inside. Finally, they must feature a diesel engine that can provide enough power without draining fuel too quickly so as not to add additional costs onto project budgets during site development phases due to high fuel consumption rates

Talenet is the best self-loading concrete mixer in Africa and many construction works are using it now.


How much does a self-loading concrete mixer cost in Africa?

The cost of a self-loading concrete mixer varies widely depending on several factors, including the size and type of mixer. The cost also changes depending on where you live in Africa, as well as how many years you expect it to last. The cost will also vary depending on which engine and fuel system is used.

A typical small self-loading concrete mixer costs around $50,000 USD – $60,000 USD in Ghana or Nigeria but may be much higher if you’re buying from South Africa or Kenya (due to shipping costs). A larger truck can cost anywhere from $80k-$150k USD depending on location. You should plan to replace your mixer within 10 years; after that point there will likely be significant maintenance or repair costs associated with keeping it running safely for another decade or more.



From the above, we can conclude that Talenet self-loading concrete mixer is one of the best self-loading concrete mixers in Africa. This type of self-loading concrete mixer has many advantages over other types. First, it is easy to use and operate because all you have to do is push or pull the lever in order for it to start operating automatically. Secondly, since it does not require any manual pumping from outside sources such as hand pumps; therefore this reduces cost which means that more money could be saved if used wisely by companies.”