When it comes to purchasing a self loading mixer truck many customers have questions. With so many companies offering this product, which one should they choose?

Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck


1.Why choose a self-loading mixer?

2.How to choose a self-loading mixer?


Why choose a self-loading mixer?

The production of concrete is becoming more and more important with the increase of infrastructure projects. With the rapid development in technology, the machines which produce concrete are increasingly popular. However, because of the high price of ready-mixed concrete, more and more construction owners choose to purchase self-loading concrete mixer trucks to produce ready-mixed concrete for various projects. The reason for this is really simple.

1.The self-load cement mixer truck has high efficiency. It saves time from the cement mixing station to the construction site, and also saves human labor — only two people can operate the self-load concrete mixer truck.

2.Self-loading mixer trucks are a cost-effective way to deliver cement, which also help reduce fuel consumption. These machines are also used to carry aggregates and other construction materials.

How to choose a self-loading mixer?

What is the best concrete mixer truck? If you ask 10 people, you will get at least ten different answers. We all have different needs and wants when it comes to certain equipment. The fact is that each brand of truck has its own pros and cons. The ones who has spent the most money on R&D know best how to produce a quality machine but no one is perfect and the truth is that some may be too expensive for the average contractor or small business owner.

1.guaranteed brand

The mixer truck is the main equipment for transporting concrete, directly feeding the end of production line. In recent years, self loading cement mixer truck has made remarkable progress in China and become popular among construction operators and civil contractors. A large number of manufacturers have emerged to meet the needs of users. As a result, many new models are available on the market now and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages according to different requirements.

2.Hydraulic system

When looking for a mixer truck, one of the key considerations is the hydraulic system. A reliable hydraulic system is necessary to ensure the stability of your loader machine and to prevent any damage from occurring. When buying a mixer truck, always ask about the brand of hydraulic pump and engine – these details are important!

3.Mixing tank

Mixing buckets are the only place to mix concrete. They must be strong and durable. Blades in the mixing bucket need to be strong and durable too. It’s important to use the right materials for your mixer buckets. In addition, the capacity of your mixer bucket is also an important consideration you can take into account when buying a mixer truck. You can choose small–1.2 m3 self-loading concrete mixer truck, or large–6.5m3 self-loading concrete mixer trucks.

Looking for a reliable supplier? Talenet is a good choice . The mixing drum is made from high-strength wear resistant steel plates. During mixing process, the mixing drum can blend materials uniformly and make sure sand does not sink down, to produce high quality concrete.


The size of the mixer truck is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a concrete mixer truck. Generally speaking, when buying a self-loading concrete mixer truck, do not make your choice first by price. Secondly, pay attention to brands and deeply understand the product. Don’t just compare prices. Lastly, before purchasing a self-loading concrete mixer truck, it is best to go to the factory for actual inspection of production processes.

If you want to get more information about the mixer truck, then you can directly contact Talent customer service.