Self-loading concrete mixer is a machine that can mix concrete and load it directly into the truck. In this article, we will introduce you to the main components and 5 tips to make self-loading concrete mixers work efficiently.

What are the main components of self-loading concrete mixer?

Here are 5 systems that self-loading concrete mixers need when the self-loading concrete mixers work.

loading system

The loading system of the self-loading concrete mixer consists of a hydraulic shovel unit that allows easy and precise loading of materials. Some manufacturers offer shovels with blades that can cut through the cement bags while loading. The capacity of the hydraulic system varies depending on the mixer’s capacity.

weighing system

The weighing system of a self-loading concrete mixer truck consists of a computer-controlled weighing device that controls and displays the weight of the materials.

mixing system

The mixing system in the self-loading concrete mixer truck allows the mixing of aggregates and cement, which are fed into the mixing drum, with water supplied from an independent water supply system or manual supply system. The drum mixer is powered by a powerful engine to deliver consistent mixing and quality concrete.

unloading system

The unloading system of the self-loading concrete mixer allows the operator to unload the concrete mix at different angles and heights. The operator can operate unloading system by controlling the angle of the mixing drum to provide different unloading heights. They can also adjust drum angle on the handle in the operating room

wheel system

The self-loading concrete mixer truck is equipped with a 4-wheel driving system that allows the operator to traverse the most difficult site terrain with great ease. These mixers are equipped with high-strength tires.

These 5 main components enables the self-loading concrete mixers work to have a great performance in construction engineering.

How does self-loading concrete mixers work?

There are 3 main steps when self-loading concrete mixers work.

First, the operator starts the engine in the control room, and the engine then drives the self-loading concrete mixer to push the bucket material. After the hopper completes feeding, the hopper arm is lifted by hydraulic drive. When the hopper reaches the feed port of the mixing tank, the unloading valve opens automatically. Subsequently, the aggregate is discharged into the mixing tank.

Next, when the concrete raw material enters the mixing tank, the water tank will deliver a certain amount of water into the mixing tank. Then, the high-speed rotation of the mixing tank and the mixing blades in it ensures that the materials are fully and evenly stirred.

Finally, the uniformly mixed concrete is unloaded from the mixing tank of the self-loading concrete mixer. The drum of the drum self-loading concrete mixer can be unloaded by reversing, and the mixing drum can rotate within 270° for discharge.

self-loading concrete mixer work

How is the efficiency of the self-loading concrete mixer truck?

What is certain is that the efficiency of the self-loading concrete mixer  is really excellent, and it is the strongest right-hand man for small and medium-sized projects. Take Talenet’s self-loading mixer truck work as an example to analyze.

One tank of material every 12 minutes on average

Self-loading concrete mixer trucks of Zhengzhou Talenet have capacities of 1.2 CBM, 1.8 CBM, 2.6 CBM, 3.5 CBM, 4 CBM, 5.5 CBM, and 6.5 CBM. It takes 12 minutes to mix a tank of material, that is to say, 5 tanks of material can be produced on average per hour, and 20 CBM of concrete can be produced per hour.

This efficiency is several times higher than that of the traditional method by multiple workers.

The daily output of concrete can reach 200 CBM

Based on the 8-10 hours of construction, the daily concrete output of the self-loading concrete mixer truck of Zhengzhou Talenet is between 160-200 CBM, which largely meets the daily needs of small and medium-sized projects.

If the commercial mixing method is adopted, the increasing cost and the waiting time can reduce the efficiency a lot. Moreover, in some mountainous areas, plateaus and other places, there is no commercial mixing station to be found near the construction site. Therefore, the production of concrete from the self-loading concrete mixer trucks work has become an efficient and cost-effective way.

In addition, the 270-degree rotating unloading function can also improve a lot of efficiency. In road construction, bridge construction, self-built housing, factory building, slope protection, etc., the self-loading concrete mixer can unload the concrete while transporting, and workers can use tools to flatten the concrete.It has also performed particularly well in projects such as building dams, laying foundations, and laying floors, and the efficiency value is full.

self-loading concrete mixer climbing

How to improve efficiency in actual production?

After years of development, the technology of self-loading concrete mixers work has become more and more mature. It has developed from low efficiency and high energy consumption to today’s high efficiency and low energy consumption. Now that the production efficiency of mixers is gradually improving, is there a shortcut to improve efficiency in actual production?

According to the production capacity of the cement mixer and the distance, route and road conditions for the transportation of finished products, a sufficient number of transport trucks should be equipped, generally 1.2 times of the number of productivity requirements.

The mixing time and time utilization coefficient are the direct factors affecting the production station of asphalt concrete mixing equipment. In addition, there are many related factors, such as production organization, management and operation quality of the equipment, etc. Among them, the technical status of equipment operation, the preparation of raw materials and transportation vehicles also play an obvious role in ensuring and improving productivity.

It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance management of self-loading concrete mixer truck. Ensure that the equipment is in a good technical state, establish a strict maintenance inspection system and preventive measures, and achieve timely repairs.

In order not to shut down the self-loading concrete mixers work for special reasons, there should be a storage bin for finished materials with sufficient capacity.

The raw materials should be sampled and inspected, and the aggregates of different specifications should be stacked separately. All materials should be dustproof and rainproof. Asphalt should be heated timely and maintained in a certain temperature. Aggregate storage is more than 5 times the daily consumption, and powder and asphalt storage is more than 2 times the daily consumption.



As you can see, the self-loading concrete mixer is a very efficient way of mixing concrete and it produces a good quality product at the end. There are many different types of self-loading concrete mixer on the market today but this is one that I would recommend for anyone who wants to do some home improvements or building work.